Q:  What materials do you use for your graphix?

A:  We do not cut corners on materials.  We use the highest quality Substance® 21 ml thick laminates and vinyls.


Q:  What does “unlimited colors” mean?  What if my color is not on the color drop list?

A:  We have the most popular colors on the color drop list.  However, we will be glad to incorporate any colors(s) you want for your graphix.  Add your request to the “Special Instructions” box or contact us.


Q:  How do I know what the graphix will look like before you print and ship them?

A:  Screen shots will be emailed for your approval prior to printing.  There is no additional charge for changing colors. For graphix with your specified information such as name, number and logos, two revisions to your information are free of charge.  Additional revisions will be $20 per revision.


Q:  Can I put the graphix on as soon as they arrive?

A:  It takes 24 hours for the laminate to cure on the vinyl.  If your graphix were shipped to you, they cured during the shipping time.  So, you can put the graphix on as soon as they arrive.  We purposely ship all graphix flat to prevent separation of the laminate and vinyl in the 24 hour curing stage as well as to prevent curling.


Q:  What is the best way to install the graphix?

A:  When we ship the graphix to you, we will include “How To” instructions and tips for installation. 


Q:  Can you install the graphix on my plastics for me?  

A:  Yes.  If you order a full plastics kit or separate plastics from us, we can install the graphix before they ship for an additional fee of $45.  If you wish to have us install your graphix on the plastic you already have, you are responsible for the shipping cost to us and back to you as well as the $45 installation fee.


Q:  Can I send my helmet to you to apply the graphix?

A:  Yes.  You can ship your helmet to us.  In addition to the cost of the graphix, we will apply the graphix for a fee of $25.  Be sure to include a pre-paid self-addressed return shipping label in the package to cover the shipping cost back to you.


Q:  Can Armored Graphix order the helmet for me?

A:  Yes.  We will order a new helmet for you to be shipped directly to Armored Graphix.  When it arrives we will install the graphix for a $25 fee (in addition to the cost of the graphix) and ship the completed helmet to you.


Q:  Do you do graphix for other equipment?

A:  Yes.  We will be adding new categories soon to cover graphix for cell phones, game consoles and controllers, and vehicles such as trailers, ATVs, jet skis, and snow mobiles.  We will also offer equipment you may need for installing your graphix.


Q:  Do you have an idea about our products for an FAQ?

A:  Please send your suggestions to:  info@armoredgraphix.com


Q:  Will my Credit Card be charged immediately?  

A:  Yes, all purchases are paid for in advance of any art work.


Q:  What are my payment options?  

A:  We accept checks, Visa and Master Card. 


Q:  What are the differences between "Order Date" and "Ship Date"?  

A:  Order date is the date you placed the order with us.  Ship date is the date that your order is shipped out to you.


Q:  How do you pack my order for shipping?

A:  We carefully pack and ship all orders in flat cardboard to prevent separation of the laminate and vinyl during the 24 hour curing stage as well as prevent curling.


Q:  How do I know when my order has shipped?  

A:  You will receive an email confirmation when your order has shipped with a tracking number.  We ship UPS.


Q:  Do you ship to PO Boxes or APO/FPO addresses?  

A:  No, due to security reasons we only ship to physical addresses.


Q:  How do I track my order?  

A:  You will receive a UPS tracking number in your shipping confirmation email.


Q:  How long will it take for my order to arrive?  

A:  After you receive your shipping confirmation by email you can expect your order to arrive in 2-5 business days depending on where the order is being shipped.


Q:  Can you ship outside of the US? 

A:  Yes, we can ship internationally.  International shipping fees will apply.


Q:  Is ordering over the internet secure?  

A:  Yes.  Website security is through GODADDY.com - Verified & Secured Verify Security.


Q:  Why should I become a registered user?  

A:  Once you are a registered customer, you will not have to re-enter all of your information again.  We will have all your information on hand so future orders are quicker and easier. You will also be notified by email of any specials we may be running.


Q:  Do you have an idea about our order procedures for an FAQ?

A:  Please send your suggestions to:  info@armoredgraphix.com